Cargo GSA

Air Galaxy represents airlines for their cargo operation by being GSA and offers a full range of services in airlines.

Air Galaxy is committed to offer its cargo clients real time follow-up of cargo movements and track & trace facility from acceptance of shipments to delivery at the final destination.



Our highly professional and proactive sales teams will help achieve your goals by carrying out a wide range of sales activities that include:

èDay to day field sales calls

èExisting customer retention

èNew customer development

èTargeted sales campaigns

èContract negotiation

èTrade relations building

èLocal trade show representation

èSales seminars

èSpecial promotion events

èComprehensive sales reporting



With an in-depth knowledge of the business and social cultures of the country in which it operates, Air Galaxy is ideally suited to carry out all your marketing requirements such as:


èPreparation of business plans


èLocal market surveys

èCustomer management (CRM)


èPrinted materials

èPosters and billboard advertising


èWebsite design and internet advertising


èPress releases and conferences

èProduct launch events

èSpecial events handling

èMonitoring of the local press

èAdvertising through electronic media

Financial Service

Air Galaxy’s professional financial and accounting systems provide the following services:

èProvision of bank guarantees

èBilling and collection services

èOperation of customized billing and payment systems such as centralized banking, BSP etc.

èTimely remittance of monies due

èPreparation and provision of required sales and accounting reports

èRefund processing

èCustomer inquiries


Legal Service

Some of the legal services with which Air Galaxy can assist are:

èCompliance to local currency regulations

èCompliance to local trading regulations

èName and logo protection

èLegal negotiations with various authorities

èPreparation of legal documents both prior to commencement of operations and on an ongoing basis as needed

èCustomer claims


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